Web Design, Wordpress Development, Branding, Photographic Recolouring

Project scope / Challenge:

Since their childhood days, Austin and Howard Mutti-Mewse have been contacting Hollywood movie stars from the silver screen era; many of these written conversations turned into lifelong friendships and a vast collection of letters, photographs and memories. The result of their efforts is a set of stories and pictures told in the book written by the twins,“I Used to Be in Pictures”.

They wished to create a website to help showcase the book, increase their profiles as writers and showcase the photographs and stories featured throughout the book.

Client: Mutti-Mewse

Skills: Web Design, Wordpress Development, Illustration, Branding, Photographic Retouching

“bringing a black and white world into glorious colour”


Our creative thought for this site was to bring classic Hollywood into glorious technicolor. Using some of the treasured black and white photographs from their collection, we began the process of colourising and enhancing these black and white images to illustrate; the colour, excitement and glamour of the greatest era in movie production.

Colourising the images has created something unique, presenting old Hollywood in a new light; exactly what Howard and Austin had intended to do with “I Used to Be in Pictures”. To complement this we designed a logo for the twins to use as their very own watermark; based on a sketch by Austin, the icon gives them an identity of their own amongst the stars.

For fonts, we wanted to use typography that presented both a classic and contemporary look, but that was easy to read in small sizes. For colour, the blue theme that the site is anchored in allows the black and white images to jump off the screen at you without being lost in heavily contrasted colour. Finally, our backgrounds are inspired by art deco cinema seats, wallpapers and objects.

Credit: Glazier Design