Steve Foster - Creative Director, Designer and Brand Strategist


a little
about me

Hello! If you are reading this, you are probably trying to get a gauge of what makes me tick and if I’m the right fit to work with your business. If so, you’re in the right place.

I cut my teeth working in a variety of busy London agencies. Now back in sunny Brisbane, with 10 years of experience under my belt, I am able to offer a broad range of services.

purpose driven design

As a highly creative designer with a background in business marketing I’m uniquely positioned to understand that all creative output should be delivered with underlying strategic goals in mind.

I like to keep on top of the latest trends and software, so I can provide my clients with the best possible results.
I act as a consultant and partner for the businesses I work with, rather than simply a hired gun.

I’m friendly, thoughtful and a good listener. I’m always looking for constant improvement.



10 years of experience to call upon. From busy studios across London, as an in-house designer and as a freelancer.


Yep, got all the right pieces of paper. Business Marketing BSc, from the University Of Queensland and Diploma in Design from Shillington College. (To any aspiring designers, I would highly recommend them!)

Both creative and technical

Yes, that’s right. I’m one of those fortunate rare breeds who are both creative and technical. I design, draw, paint, sing and write music. But I also understand business and strategy, I love science, and I’m into a lot of generally very nerdy things like blockchain tech. 

career highlights?

Without doubt, being able to work with the late Professor Stephen Hawking to produce a set of stamps for the Royal Mail. As both a lover of science and rock music, to see him being presented with the final designs by Brian May was a real thrill. Not to mention Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins also posing for photographs with the stamp designs. 

Have a read about the project here 


away from design

Away from design I’m a recording artists and songwriter, with tracks having appeared on shows such as Californication, Shameless, The Royals and Counterpart to name a few. 

I’m also an extremely keen blockchain and digital asset enthusiast. I’ve been heavily involved in the space for the last 3 years, even dabbling in a little bit of mining. I closely follow these emerging tech trends with genuine interest.